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Meet the Team

We love boardgames. They fill our lives with unforgettable moments and hilarious stories, while depleting our monthly budgets and shelf space. And it’s very much worth it. That’s why we created the No Time For Games Store.

Here you’ll find upbeat, high-quality products for your game nights, conventions and everyday life, or a perfect gift that all types of gamers, from beginners to 18xx connoisseurs.

NTFG was born in 2016 as a Youtube channel that has since spawned a small but cult-like following. Four years later, we took up the challenge to start a store and design our own products,  and it has been a blast.

Thank you being with us on this adventure!


The voice you hear on NTFG videos. Nuno likes old movies, poetry and sushi. Hides games in the closet.

Nuno Madureira

Code Breaker

Father of two, with a passion for tech and playing Beat Saber on expert. Rui loves learning and always orders dessert.

Rui Milagaia

🎲 New designs every month 🎲